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Personal Injury

An accident unleashes sudden and violent forces on your body, often resulting in soft tissue injury and musculoskeletal misalignment. You may think that you're fine after the initial injuries have healed, but personal injury events frequently result in chronic conditions that aren't easily resolved through traditional medicine. At Holistic Health & Chiropractic of Frankfort, IL, our chiropractor offers chiropractic treatment alongside nutritional supplements, functional medicine, and holistic medicine to aid you in your recovery from injury.

How an Accident Affects Your Body

Accidents of all types involve a sudden shock or deceleration to your body. You experience a physical reaction that includes getting knocked off balance, thrown against a seatbelt and airbag, falling, twisting your body in an unnatural movement, and other unpleasant aspects of Newtonian physics. The result is a personal injury that requires healing and physical therapy to regain your natural movement. However, not every injury resolves in such a neat and clean fashion.

A Personal Injury can Become Chronic Pain

The initial injury and healing process doesn’t always go the way it should, especially if underlying conditions go unnoticed or unaddressed. Your spinal column can have vertebrae that aren’t aligning as they should, or you have uneven muscle strength that’s pulling on your neck or shoulder because something in your musculoskeletal system isn’t working as it should.
Internal inflammation is another issue that’s not often addressed for various reasons. However, inflammation can become chronic because the body isn’t doing a good job of sending enough of its healing factors to the affected area. Successful treatment can be achieved through functional medicine and nutritional supplements along with treatment from a chiropractor.

How a Chiropractor can Help With a Personal Injury

The goal of recovering from an injury is to return to your original way of moving. Chronic pain can prevent you from doing so. However, a chiropractor can help you regain your movement through a series of visits and support your healing through holistic medicine. Undergoing chiropractic manipulation puts your body back into its natural alignment so you can move freely, and functional medicine supports the body’s healing process. A chiropractor can combine the use of nutritional supplements, and acupuncture, and show you how to move correctly to avoid further complications.

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At Holistic Health & Chiropractic of Frankfort, we provide holistic medicine and functional medicine that treat your entire body, not just one area that hurts. Our chiropractor works with you to determine the source of your pain and create a plan to help you treat it. Call us today at (815) 469-7472 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.