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Back Pain FAQs

Back pain is one of the most common and debilitating conditions in America. At Holistic Heath & Chiropractic of Frankfort, we are dedicated to helping our patients manage their pain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the common questions we get regarding back pain.

What Are the Primary Causes of Back Pain?

There isn’t a pinpointed reason why you might be experiencing back pain. Some chronic reasons can include degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, and sciatica. You may have had long-term back pain from an auto accident or the repetitive motions you do every day from a labor-intensive job. The biggest mistake many people do is treating the symptom rather than the condition itself. That’s why holistic care is so essential.

Why Is Holistic Medicine Better Than Traditional Medication?

For those who suffer from chronic pain, the most common method of treatment is medication. While this can be helpful, medication often has several side effects and does not always work. This is why many people turn to holistic care for relief. Holistic healthcare focuses on the body s natural healing response and the natural remedies that are within us while addressing the underlying root causes. It is a much safer and more natural way to treat pain.

What Are Some of The Natural Methods of Treatment?

There are many different types of holistic methods of treatment. One of the most common is called an adjustment. Sometimes performed by hand, an instrument or a specialized table; an adjustment is a gentle realignment of a spinal or extremity joint. Rebalancing tight muscles by using trigger point treatment or muscle techniques is important to help hold the alignment and re-educate the soft tissues.
We also have a range of other treatments we use, ranging from acupuncture to nutritional supplements, and functional medicine.

What Can I Do to Reduce Back Pain at Home?

In addition to receiving chiropractic care, we teach our patients what they can do at home to improve their outcomes. There are many different types of stretches and exercises that you can do for your back and we help teach condition specific exercises to our patient’s to help improve their outcomes.
Some of these include stretches, strengthening core and back stabilizing muscles as well as helpful ergonomic tips that will help reduce stress.

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