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Acupuncture and Infertility

Each year almost 4 million babies are born in the US. But for 10% of the female population that is just a hope, a wish, may be even a dream..
Approximately 6.1 million women in the US struggle with conception. Statistics show that more and more of these women are turning to alternative methods and exploring holistic options when addressing their infertility issues.
If you are on this webpage and watching this video, it’s because you’re looking for help.
We’ve had many ladies, just like you, come to our office looking for answers and solutions. Our unique holistic approach to health, helps rebalance a woman’s body and prepare her to conceive.
But let’s start with you. You are likely one of two types of women who come to us looking for help. Either A) you are looking for natural methods to help with conception issues or B) you may be thinking about In Virto Fertilization and have heard that holistic therapies can increase your chances of success. Yes.. they can.

Let's address the natural approach first.

You may be wondering why you are having difficulties conceiving. There are many possible reasons some of which can include hormonal or biochemical imbalances, energetic imbalances and even structural issues.
And we should mention that almost 50% of the time, it’s not you, it’s very possible the man in your life may be part of the problem.
Many men are just not making healthy sperm. Unfortunately, it’s the female who carries the stress and unnecessary guilt on their own shoulders. So, when you come in for your evaluation, bring your significant other with you and we can determine if he should be evaluated as well.

What can you expect from our evaluation?

We are going to evaluate you holistically; that means we are going to look at your body chemistry, body energy and body structure.

Body Chemistry

If you already had blood or other lab work done, bring the reports with you.
If we see that there may be a test missing, we will likely order it.
There are some blood and saliva tests that are pretty standard for our needs.

Body Energy

We are going to measure your meridians; the Electro Meridian Imaging or EMI is a test that evaluates excesses, deficiencies or imbalances in your energy system and gives us a starting point from which to build. Think of it as we are measuring the battery of your body. If your battery is low, how can you have enough energy to conceive?

Body Structure

The nervous system controls every organ, tissue and cell of the body and if there is any nerve interference it can cause dysfunction of organ systems like reproduction. Many times, we find misalignments in the lumbar, sacral, or pelvic areas which causes dysfunction in the nerves that control the ovaries and uterus in the female or testicles in the male. These need to be corrected for normal physiologic function. Things won’t work right with nerve interference.
I want to be clear that I’m not treating the condition we call infertility, but in fact, looking for the underlying causes that have created an imbalance in your body which has made conceiving difficult. I believe if we remove those interferences the body can heal itself.
It’s an important concept to understand.

So you're probably wondering when can we start treatment?

Our evaluation usually only takes one day. But depending on how much is involved, or if additional tests need to be ordered, it’s common that we schedule a follow up to give time for tests results to come back and to prepare our report of findings.
I don’t want to waste your time, if I feel I can’t help you, I have a network of doctors that I can guide you to.
If I feel you’re a good candidate for our program, the report of findings is where we discuss treatment recommendations.
When ladies are trying for the more natural approach, we need to remember we are working with your natural cycles, and you need to give your body a chance to heal and rebalance. Depending on the findings, we usually suggest the client mentally prepare for it to take 6-9 months. We’ve seen results in as soon as 3 months and there are times it may take 12.
Now maybe you’re the second type of woman and you are looking into doing IVF or maybe you have already tried that 1 or 2 or even 3 times prior and you’re hoping to improve your chance of success. Well, you are in luck because our methods are very effective.
Our evaluation is going to be the same as before so please bring your reports with you and allow time for the examination.
But in this case, the difference is time. And time is of the essence. Many women come with a retrieval and transfer date already set while others are in the process of getting those dates set up.
Preferably, we would like as much lead up time to retrieval and transfer as possible. One-month prior is good, more time is even better. Research shows that this “prep” time helps to prepare the uterus by improving blood flow in the uterine artery which improves reception of the transfer. In other words, it gets the womb ready for the egg to live in.
Now maybe you don’t have that much time. Maybe you only have a few weeks or a couple of days, its ok, we get it. Maybe you just heard about this and you’re coming down to the wire. I understand.
I also have good news. There is research that shows acupuncture treatment 25 minutes before and 25 minutes after transfer can improve success rates by 26-42.5%. Since there is usually drive time from our office to the fertility doctor’s office, we suggest at least the day before and the day after.
But again, more time to prepare is better. Please keep that in mind.


I know that no conversation is over until we talk about the finances. We’ve intentionally kept our fees reasonable because we know that most insurances have little or no coverage for holistic therapies. No insurances cover nutrition or nutraceuticals, acupuncture is usually not covered either and most insurances have some coverage for chiropractic. We will call your insurance company on your behalf and verify your benefits and discuss financial options with you.

So what comes after?

Women come to us for other reasons for more than just conception issues. Some ladies can get pregnant but come to us because they cannot carry full term on their own. It’s common for ladies use our services throughout their pregnancy, to help keep their energy up and also to help with the aches and pains of a growing body. And I’ve had the honor of helping some initiate labor.
One of my proudest moments in practice was a few years ago. A young lady came to us because she was having difficulty getting pregnant and she wanted to start a family. Her husband thought she was nuts for starting care in our office but in her words, “she just had a good feeling about this place”.
She went through our program, and I hadn’t seen her for several months, and one day, at the end of the morning shift, I was getting ready to leave for lunch when I saw a woman walking up our sidewalk carrying something in her hands. I didn’t immediately recognize her, but she looked familiar. It was that same young lady and she walked into our office and set a baby carrier on our front desk. And with biggest smile on her face said Hi Doc, look what I got!!!
Well let me tell you. You couldn’t get the smile off MY face for a whole week!
And I’d like to help you too.
I look forward to helping you with your success.